Yes, at this stage it really is a daily occurrence. In the lead up to Wednesday morning’s announcement the tsunami is such that Google really cannot have much left up their sleeves to wow us. Overnight not just retail packaging has leaked but also a heap of photos of the Google Pixel 3 XL’s software.

While there surely can’t be much more you want to see on this phone the leaks keep coming. 9to5Google were given a set of photos of the retail box all that it contains. Once again, no surprises although the headphones are yet to be actually used by anyone — I wonder if they will be any good? The retail box photos can be seen below:

They also managed to get some images of a dive into the settings menu with all of the usual Pixelly tweaks included. The device can also be themed in a dark theme (or light or based on the wallpaper) according to the screenshots. There is a list of the included apps on the device which shows a Pixel Stand app which will most likely be required for the specific lockscreen Pixel Stand animations/functions. Once again there is mention of the Pixel Visual Core so we expect to see that not only included but improved on last year’s offering.

Come Wednesday it will all be official and no doubt Google will have some form of surprise for us and given the number of hardware leaks it is most likely going to be software-related. We will of course bring you all the details on Wednesday of everything announced at the MadeByGoogle event in New York as well as local details as they come to hand.

If you would like to read about what we expect to see head on over to our #MadeByGoogle summary and comment with your thoughts.

Source: 9to5Google.
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So frustrated with Google’s sales and hardware teams


Lol, even looks Google embarassed to show the front of the pixel on the retail box 🤣🤢


Google looks*

Jamie S

It doesn’t matter how many times I see this phone I still can’t get used to that huge notch. It’s almost like a reoccurring bad dream I hope I’m going to wake up from and realise that the notch does not exist…


Yeah , it’s not good , personally i like some bezel which aids in handling of the device .
My favorite phone of all time in that respect was my note 4 which passed away yesterday sadly 🙄.
This bizzo where phone makers get on a trend and all have to make it narrower or thinner or lighter ……… for God’s sake …. they make me cranky.
At least it appears the battery size is going in the right direction in this pixel .


Yeah I agree but apparently you can hide the bezels on the 3XL – there’ll be a setting somewhere just to change it to black so hence looks like there are no bezels.


No notch* I meant – it will look there is a normal bezel.