The Google Pixel phone line is still relatively new with their third generation launching tonight in New York. They’ve nabbed a nice accolade today, with Roy Morgan awarding them the ‘Mobile Phone Handset Customer Satisfaction Monthly Award’.

The award is based on market research conducted in Australia, in which they received responses from over 13,000 participants aged 14 and over for the period September 2017 to August 2018.

The report from Roy Morgan shows a variety of data including that Google managed to lift their score from 88% in the same period last year to 94% this year, just ahead of long-time favourite the Apple iPhone who dropped from 93% last year to 92%.

The research noted that Motorola saw a fairly larger gain in their customer satisfaction results jumping from an 84% rating to 92%, while Sony also saw a rise from 81% to 83% overall. Samsung remained static with an 89% customer satisfaction rating.

Roy Morgan noted that the number of Google handsets is still vastly lower than either Apple or Samsung who both dominate the market in Australia, with over two-thirds of Australians owning Apple iPhones and/or Samsung phones.

It’s the millenials though who are aiming at both iPhones and Google phones, with over 40% of Google phones in Australia are owned by Millennials, while 40% of Millenials, as well as those in Generation X and Generation Y have an Apple iPhone, while older generations in the Baby Boomers and pre-Boomers drop down to under a third.

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan, says Google’s victory in the Roy Morgan Mobile Phone Handset Customer Satisfaction category in August brings to an end a record 79 straight monthly victories for the Apple iPhone stretching back to January 2012.

Google had challenges with their Pixel and Pixel 2 phones in terms of reliability with notably the ‘Blue Shift’ issue affecting a number of screens on the Pixel 2 XL model last year. Combined with no real ‘walk-in’ repair facilities in Australia, this is rather a surprise to find customer satisfaction so high – though regular security and feature updates may count for a lot among those who responded to the survey.

We’ll see what Google has to offer tonight, and how it affects their performance in the same period next year.

What are your thoughts? Are you satisfied with your Google Pixel phone? Are you a Motorola or Sony owner and does your experience reflect that of the survey?

Source: Roy Morgan.