If you were sane and sleeping at 2am this morning when Google announced their latest hardware and software improvements, then you may not have had a chance to watch the full two hour stream – so Google has compacted it into a neat four minute highlight package for you.

The video hits the high points on the new Google Home Hub, Pixel Slate and of course the Pixel 3 phones. It’s a well produced package featuring all the Googlers showing off the great new devices they’ve been working on over the past 12 months.

Once you’re done watching and you want to know more we’ve done the deep dives on the Pixel 3 phones, the compact new Home Hub, Pixel Slate (which isn’t coming here – boo!) and even the new Pixel 3 accessories and Gen 3 Chromecast if you want to read more – as well as listed the best place to get your hands on Home Hub and the Pixel 3 if you want to learn more.