Google announced all their latest hardware this morning, with the Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel Stand and Home Hub all coming to Australia with the Pixel Slate unfortunately a US-only exclusive for the forseeable future. Still, we have plenty to eye off, and as usual we’re interested to see what everyone else around the world will be paying for all this great new hardware in their country vs our pricing.

We’ve visited the Google Store for Australia, the US, UK, Germany, France and Canada, though the Home Hub is only available in the US, UK and Australia – so we’re lucky in that respect.

I’ve laid out the pricing as you can see in the table below, with the current conversion rate – though this will obviously change and Google generally builds some margin in to pricing to take account of this. There’s no inclusion of local taxes such as US sales tax included in the figures, though the UK pricing did seem to be inclusive of VAT, so take that into account when you’re viewing the pricing.

The last note on this is that Canadians are getting a bonus Pixel Stand when they pre-order the Pixel 3 which is a shame it’s not a global offer.

So. Here’s the list:

Australia USA (USD) UK (GBP) Germany (Euro) France (Euro) Canada (CAD)
Pixel 3 (64GB) $1,199 $799 ($1124.63 AUD) £739 ($1367.35 AUD) €849 ($1373.85 AUD) €859 ($1390.03 AUD) $999 ($1086.12 AUD)
Pixel 3 (128GB) $1,349 $899 ($1265.39 AUD) £839 ($1552.38 AUD) €949 ($1535.67 AUD) €959 ($1551.85 AUD) $1,129 ($1227.45 AUD)
Pixel 3 XL (64GB) $1,349 $899 ($1265.39 AUD) £869 ($1607.89 AUD) €949 ($1535.67 AUD) €959 ($1551.85 AUD) $1,129 ($1227.45 AUD)
Pixel 3 XL (128GB) $1,499 $999 ($1406.14 AUD) £969 ($1792.92 AUD) €1,049 ($1697.49 AUD) €1,059 ($1713.67 AUD) $1,259 ($1368.79 AUD)
Home Hub $219 $149 ($209.72 AUD) £139 ($257.19 AUD) €N/A €N/A $N/A
Pixel Stand $119 $79 ($111.20 AUD) £69 ($127.67 AUD) €79 ($127.84 AUD) €79 ($127.84 AUD) $109 ($118.51 AUD)
Conversion Rate: $1USD = $1.41AUD £1 = 1.85 AUD €1 = $1.62 AUD €1 = $1.62 AUD $1CAD = $1.09AUD

This isn’t very scientific, but it’s interesting to note what the pricing is like in other countries. If there’s a country missing that you’d like to see, let us know below and we’ll add it to the list.

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Max Luong

I think it’s important to state that some of those prices don’t include sales tax. We’re actually getting them for less than the US prices!


Bummer that the Slate isn’t coming to Australia, baffling that Google doesn’t offer these tablets/Chromebooks worldwide