The dust has settled, you’ve had a chance to check out all the new devices that Google announced and come to a calm, rational decision about where to spend all your hard earned money.

To refresh your memory, if you need to check it all out again you can check out information on the Pixel 3 phones, the Home Hub, the new Pixel 3 accessories and the Gen 3 Chromecast that popped up.

So, we’re wanting to know: What, if any of the new Google hardware announced at the Made by Google event yesterday are you going to buy?

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Philip Clark

Slate and earphones need to be added to the list.


Likely to buy a home hub, though will wait for reviews to hear about its audio quality.


Would love the Pixel Slate but can’t justify the price, might get a used Pixelbook instead


Buying home hub, been looking for a device to manage IoT devices, plus will be perfect for kitchen recipes.


I will repurpose an old tablet instead of the home hub and the phones, well I’m not sure they represent value when you look at the spec’s, stupid notch and average design.

I think Nokia phones represent a better deal and OnePlus if they were available in Australia, Samsung and Huawei offer more bang for the buck at the high end and Apple just gets detail better.


Thinking about a Home Hub. The kids already love using the Home we already have, but I reckon the screen will make them love it even more. Potentially useful in the kitchen for recipes and what not too (that’s how I might sell it to SWMBO anyway).

Jamie S

I’ll maybe get a Home Hub to control my Hue lights etc. probably gonna skip the pixel 3 this year and go the OnePlus 6T

Mark McLeod

I’m over it, heading back to an iPhone. I feel like a beta tester with buggy apps, no strategy on where there apps are going, shite messaging, and a nasty Android auto setup that again is buggy. Have had both of the pixels so far and I’m not going for round 3

Matthew McQuilty

Pixel 3 or XL next year when I’m off contract. Home hub and stand as extras. All pending approval by the Minister for opposing fun of course.


” the Minister for opposing fun ” Chuckle. Seems a little harsh though?


home hub for me but struggling to justify jumping to the pixels…..though I am interested in what they will and could could do with the Titan chips.


Pixel 3XL for me! I like the pixel 2 xl so this new one is just like that but the notifications moved up and out of the way. Plus it looks like once the blackout mode is turned on I’ll only even notice the notch when I’m looking at the notifications. And as far as the bottom bezel goes I think it’s worth it to have 2 front facing speakers to use with the new stand. It’ll be a much loved upgrade from my current Pixel XL!

Martin Olminkhof

I’d be interested in the stand if it came in black…

Vinni Lazaro

Just pre-ordered the Google Home Hub from Officeworks.

Wayne Moore

Just ordered my Pixel 3XL from Voda. I quite like the Home Hub but I have a Home and a couple of Home Minis so the Mrs might object to more 😀 I was going to get a Pixel stand but at $120 I’ll wait and see what the early adopters say.

Clyde Jones

Considering the home hub.
Pixel 3 doesn’t appeal to me as much as previous Pixel’s. Maybe next year…


I can’t get over the ugliness of the notch on the pixel 3 xl.


Other than a better looking logo, does the new Chromecast offer anything over the existing Chromecast? I think I’d be more inclined to get a Chromecast Ultra, if I needed a third (fourth, if you include my Chromecast Audio in the garage…).

Chris Rowland

Pixel Slate is interesting to me. Pixel 3 phones I’m way undecided on.


I want a pixel slate.

Christopher Hanley

No way to select the pixel buds !! I may buy them if they work with the pixel 1 (of course I would also have to buy the USB-C to headphone jack)

Chris Hanley

No need to apologize !! Thanks for keeping us up to date for all the news ! Much appreciated