If you’re anything like me (or for that matter, most of the Ausdroid crew), then you probably carry a bunch of charging cables around with you so you can be ready for any situation! My charging bag currently holds a USB battery, a Micro USB cable, a USB C cable and a Lightning cable (hey, I know iPhone owners – and they’re always running out of battery).

Belkin feels my pain, and today introduced a new Universal Cable that can ease your pain of carrying multiple cables.

In essence, it’s a 4-foot USB A to Micro USB cable, with USB C and Lightning adapters attached so you can plug the cable into pretty much any phone, tablet or device you’re likely to come across. The USB A plug is especially common on USB battery packs, making this a great companion for your charger.

Belkin gives you a two year limited warranty on the cable, and it’s certified by some company called Apple in their “Made for iPhone” programs, but we’re not sure what that means.

The Universal Cable is available now from JB Hifi and direct from Belkin for $39.95.

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Not very universal when its just a normal type a connector at the other end. Id still need to carry my usbc to usbc cable to use my pixel charger


Have you tried it using with USB-C for Android Auto ? Just curious as I ordered something similar recently (from Gadgets for Geeks), and while I can use it for charging, it doesn’t work with AA (note AA does work for me with the phone’s supplied cable). It does work for the other half’s iPhone with Apple Car Play though. Doh.


AA is notoriously picky with cables. I’ve had to change mine three times in the last three years. They all still work for charging but stop working reliably for AA. The dealer warned me when I picked the car up that I should only use the cable provided with the phone but I have found that quality cables work just as well but cheap ones are hit and miss. This may well be the VW implementation? Adding an adaptor might be the final straw.