We all love data, even more we love lots and lots of cheap or even better free data. Over the past couple of years that’s actually becoming easier and easier to get with the carriers and MVNOs always looking to one-up each other.

Today it’s Telstra’s turn and they’ve focused their latest data offer at the BYOD or SIM only crowd with the total data allowance jumping up for each plan. The $49 plan now includes 30GB, the $59 plan includes 60GB and the $89 plan has a 90GB allotment. Considering that Telstra have traditionally been very sparing with their data those limits aren’t too bad.

All plans come with the standard unlimited national talk and texts and some include unlimited talk and text to selected countries.

With the ACCC focusing in on the incorrectly named and misleading ‘unlimited’ plans I think we will continue to see the major telcos tick-tac-toe each other for a while to come, and in the end that’s good for all of us!

If you want to switch or upgrade your existing plan check them out below.

Source: Telstra.
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Nigel Elliott


better deal from jbhifi.


Pay $65 a amonth for 24 months at jbhifi and get 80GB/month on Telstra with an unlocked P20 Pro, or Oppo find X free.