Epic Games have done something that most other game developers have not had the courage, nor the capacity to do: distribute their game outside of the Google Play Store. They have been very clever about it, slowly rolling out to users first as a closed beta, then as an invite only. Today though it seems all must be well as it is available for all users on compatible devices.

The new update to the game brings a few new additions to the game but most importantly while it is still in beta form, it no longer requires an invite and if you have a compatible phone you can just jump right on in and start playing. The full list of compatible phones can be found on the Epic Games website.

Fortnite may have been on Android for only a short amount of time but you can bet that they will be making a fair amount of money from it. On iOS Fortnite made over US$300 million in it’s first 200 days so you can be sure that with Android having over 85% of the world’s smartphone market they will also be raking in the dough here as well. This move today will open the flood gates for them you would expect.

Having played in on several devices I am told that the experience isn’t as good as on a console but is good enough for gaming on the go. To download Fortnite for your Android device you will have to first install the installer app from the Epic Games website and then follow the instructions to download the actual app.

With my in-house game reviewer coming home from school camp tonight it’s time to head on over to the Fortnite website and update the game for him. Do you play Fortnite on your mobile? How do you find the experience?

Source: Fortnite Game Twitter.