Here come the accessories folks! After seemingly a long wait, the market has begun responding to the influx of Google Hardware with the Made for Google program and accessory maker Brydge is squarely on-board.

Brydge have presented the G-Tye keyboard for the Pixel Slate which offers convertible style use from tablet, to laptop to entertainment in seconds. The G-Type keyboard case may be familiar with the keyboard accessory the source of a fairly major leak of the Pixel Slate in the lead up to launch.

Like the official Pixel Slate folio case from Google, the feature set for the Brydge G-Type keyboard also includes a track pad to ensure your laptop experience is complete when you’re in that configuration.

The specs are impressive in terms of battery life, staying that the battery life per charge is 6 months, quite astounding when you consider there are backlit keys which would consume a reasonably significant amount of charge.

Set for release soon, this is the most full featured keyboard for slate we’ve seen so far from a third party. The G-Type includes the new Google Assistant key as well as a hamburger key for quick access to the settings menu in apps.

Much like the Pixel Slate itself which is only being sold in the US, UK and Canada, there’s no official release information for Australia – and it’s unlikely it will be sold here. If you like the look of the Brydge G-Type keyboard then you’ll be able to import one via your usual shipping forwarders once it’s released.

Source: Brydge.