If you’re still looking for the perfect placement for your Google Home Mini, the Incipio Google Home Mini Wall Mount is now available from JB HiFi.

The wall mount went on-sale in the US on the Google Store earlier this year, before showing up at online retailer Syntricate in Australia for $34.95 in May. It’s a little cheaper from JB HiFi with the mount listed at $24.95, which is still fairly expensive, but could be an impulse buy.

The mount is made from durable polycarbonate with a TPU edge to hold your Google Home Mini securely in place. There’s dual countersunk screw holes on the rear which are pre-drilled to ensure you can attach the mount securely to the wall with room to allow access for the microUSB charging cable to plug in.

If you have a 3D printer, you’re still far better off checking out the range of printable ones available, but if you don’t you can get similar ones on eBay.

If you still might be interested you can check it out on the JB HiFi website.

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    You can fins the exact same thing on eBay for about $8 if you don’t have a 3D printer.


    The one in my garage is sitting nicely in a large rubber-coated hook screwed into the peg board; it hasn’t moved in 6 months. The Incipio version is unobtrusive and better looking and I’d use one if I had the mini in a “living” part of the house.

    Max Luong

    Two 3M adhesive strips have done it for me.


    Blutack has perfectly held mine against the gravity on the wall for over a year now.