OPPO are one of the most innovative companies around at the moment. Their design and hardware innovations have led to them slicing themselves a large slab of the world’s smartphone market share. 2019 looks to be no different if a leak from overnight turns out to be real.

This year OPPO released the Find X and although it lacked NFC it was the most inspiring piece of smartphone I have seen in a very long time. Their willingness to push boundaries has won them many fans and with the R17 Pro just released we can see how they have attempted to shrink the notch as much as possible, unlike some manufacturers who just seem to be making it bigger and bigger.

Overnight, leaker with a decent record of accuracy, Ice Universe has revealed what he says is the OPPO R19. The leaks has been revealed on his Weibo account where he says “OPPO R19 believe me, that’s right. Source: i Ice Universe”.

As you can see the image has dual rear facing cameras suggesting it is not the Pro version (which on the R17 has three). The third camera missing is not the only thing missing from the rear of the device with the fingerprint sensor appearing to be located in-display — as suggested by the logo on the front of the display. Something else that is lacking from the phone is a notch. Gone is the notch, replaced with a peep-hole in the display for the front facing camera. Where the sensors are is unknown but it is possible they are also located under the display.

The last two years OnePlus have taken a large amount of inspiration from the OPPO early year flagship for the design of their first flagship of the year. It then stands to reason that OnePlus could well indeed be using this design for the OnePlus 7. If OnePlus did this it would most definitely make their flagship a very compelling device.

Having used the OPPO Find X for the past few days (stay tuned for me eating a small slice of humble pie in the next couple of days) I can say that OPPO are way ahead of the game with their hardware innovation. Their willingness to continue to innovate will bring the smartphone industry into a new evolution in my opinion. Of course it is a bit strange to see such an official render appear what is likely to be five months out from the announcement so take your usual helping of salt with this leak.

Imagine a Find X or this R19 with OnePlus software on it? Can you say perfect phone? What are your thoughts?

Source: Ice Universe.
Via: Phone Arena.
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Never buy an oppo unless you have only ever used iPhone before, so locked down!
No updates. You get what you pay for

Daniel Gray

Sounds like they need an Android One version of the phone for the Western market.

Nick McCarthy

In response to the comments above about updates, that issue has been happening for many many years. I purchased the Opportunity Find 7 in 2014 and whilst I loved the phone the support was poor at best. Many owners waited and waited for updates as promised on the opportunity forums but they just never arrived. I remember at 5he time people on the forums saying the same thing I am now, so it’s been a very long standing fault! Hardware was great, support was poor.

Apostolos Kotis

I bought the r11s last year since nothing about software update the time I bought it was one of the flagship of the company. I am quite happy with the phone, but because they Don’t care about their previous clients, my next phone will be probably one of the ones that have updates offen

Sujay Vilash

The problem is not so much the hardware but the updates or lack thereof. I recently purchased the R15 Pro which has no security updates in the pipeline and Android 9 looks like it is nothing but a distant dream.


My R9s Plus has practically being abandoned without a single major Android OS update for the life of the device. It’s still stuck on Android 6 with the promise of a major OS update that never came late last year.

This was their flagship and most expensive phone at the time of launch. They obviously still haven’t learned their lesson.

Everyone needs to vote with their money, maybe that’ll give them the kick up the butt they need to embrace software updates.