PAX is a convention dedicated to gaming — wall to wall gaming. It is a “huge gathering of everything gaming with tens of thousands of passionate gamers making the pilgrimage to Melbourne to play games, meet friends, cosplay and listen to the packed schedule of excellent speakers and panels”. If you like gaming, of any sort, then PAX is for you.

The convention is not just about the massive publishers such as Ubisoft, Playstation and Nintendo but also about indie developers to display their wares to the public who may be otherwise unaware of their existence. This year at PAX 2018 the show will feature a section called PAX Rising where they will be showcasing “engaging digital” games that have been developed by smaller teams who PAX believe are a great chance to rise within the industry.

What games am I talking about I hear you ask? Video games, tabletop games, VR, PC areas, handheld gaming areas, arcade games and escape rooms. Minecraft, Fortnight, Mario Kart, Xena, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Counter-Strike Go, Rocket League, Overwatch, FIFA, PUBG and a bucket load more are included in the fun. There are seminars about the games. There are gaming competitions or games for everyone to play just for fun. For old skool folks like me there are even learn to play Pinball classes. There looks to be every gamer of every age.

If you’re into Cosplay there will of course be plenty of great gaming Cosplay artists wandering about. For more information and to check out everything that will be on head on over to the PAX website and scroll all the way down- yes there is a lot — did I mention the game lending library?

It is safe to say that PAX 2018 promises to be huge. The schedule shows so much going on over the entire three days of the convention. The convention will run from Friday 26th October until Sunday 28th October with doors opening at 10am each day and closing late on Friday and Saturday and at 5:30pm on Sunday.

After reading everything that will be on you can be sure I will be there, along with my in-house gaming consultant/reviewer. Sound exciting? Better hurry up and head over to the PAX 2018 website and buy tickets before they sell out. If you see me wandering about with my 9yo Fortnite Skull Trooper come up and say hi!