Most of us here have a Google Home Mini either because it is cheap, or we got it in some form of giveaway at Woolworths — I fit into both categories. Unfortunately the small speaker is tethered to the wall for its power and is not portable. Soon there will be a solution to this tethering in Australia.

Recently we tested out the Ninety7 Loft portable battery for Google Home and it worked surprisingly well. To be able to carry around the smart speaker that you already own to use when on picnics, BBQs, at the park etc, is extremely handy. To be able to carry a smaller speaker without the bulk of the Google Home would be much more convenient.

The company that brought you the Loft is now bringing the Jot battery for your Google Home Mini. Only recently added to their lineup of solutions for smart speakers, the Jot promises to add 8 hours of battery life to the Google Home Mini from a 5,000 mAh battery. As for the Loft, when the Jot’s battery is empty just plug it straight into the Google power source.

The Jot includes the LED lights to let you know how much power is left on the battery and comes in Carbon and Silver colours. At this stage it will be available in Australia mid-November from JB Hi-Fi online and in-store and from Amazon AU. JB Hi-Fi will also be stocking the Loft battery for Google Home as well at this time. The Jot will set you back $59.95RRP so if you are interested check out your local JB Hi-Fi in a few weeks.

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    Won’t the only use for this outside the house be using it as a Bluetooth speaker as it needs wifi?

    Dave Lim

    Personally, the main advantage of Google home over my smartphone Google Assistant is I don’t need to wake it up before the -ok Google voice prompt. If I’m at the park, is rather being a Bluetooth speaker..


    Two Home Minis. Two Jot speakers. Tether them with Bluetooth and you’ve got stereo at your party!

    Jamie S

    Looks good but you can get another Home Mini for that. Not sure it’s worth it unless you have some JB vouchers or get it on sale


    Oh neat!
    This thing looks good too