Australian leather goods company Bellroy has announced their ‘Made for Google’ approved range of cases for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, featuring two case styles outfitted in stylish leather.

Phone Case

There are two case styles in the new Pixel 3 range, with a traditional, slim, leather clad Phone Case available in Black, Caramel, Navy, Graphite and Coral colour options.

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The case is made with polymer where it needs to be and leather where it’s not, with a soft microfiber lining that will keep your phone protected from every day wear and tear. The case has a cut out for fingerprint access, as well as for the camera, and button covers built-in to the sides.

The Pixel 3 Phone Case is priced at $59, while the slightly larger Pixel 3 XL Phone Case is priced at $65.

Pixel Phone Wallet

Also available is the Bellroy Leather Pixel Phone Wallet case, a feature-laden case which offers all-round protection for your phone with the same slim profile of the Phone Case, with the added benefit of a leather wrap-around that affords the phone some screen protection.

The flap doubles as a wallet, with storage space for up to four cards, with two cards able to slide into the flap for easy access, while room for two more sit behind the Pixel. The flap at the front is secured by a magnet to allow fast access, yet secures the flap well enough.

The case s made from the same leather and flex polymer combination as the Phone Case, though the microfibre inner lining includes a slot to store a spare SIM card inside.

The case is available in the same five colour options as the Phone Case: Black, Caramel, Navy, Graphite and Coral.

The Pixel 3 Bellroy Leather Pixel Phone Wallet case is priced at $115, while the Pixel 3 XL Bellroy Leather Pixel Phone Wallet case is priced at $130.

Speaking of their new Made for Google certified cases, Bellroy designer James Jeffrey said

We focus on simplicity and clean lines to keep this case as slim as possible. We’ve trimmed the bulk as much as possible without compromising the level of protection.

The cases for the Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL and their other phone cases are now available on the Bellroy website.

Source: Bellroy.
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    Based on the following reddit thread, looks like Bellroy case is not quite compatible with Pixel Stand. Not sure who can clarify on this? I guess Ausdroid guys should have both Pixel Stand and Bellroy case.


    Phone cases made of animal skins? That’s a bit strange.


    Not at all, plenty around


    I read comments and review article from majority of Android sites last year for Pixel 2 XL however the review is not quite positive and they said a lot on the low quality of first case which is not as better as equivalent of iPhone case.

    To be honest I like their product and my current wallet is from bellroy as well. But I really hope they can make good quality case for Pixel.

    I am afraid the material for Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 are almost the same.


    I agree, love my Bellroy wallet but the cases I tried for a Pixel 2 last year were poorly made, bulky and not what you would expect for such an expensive product.

    Joel Kininmonth

    Looking forward to having a Bellroy product again. Always top quality products. I used to have their wallet and also a case for an old iPhone, though since moving to Android years ago I haven’t been able to have one of their products on my device(s).

    Just ordered a Pixel 3, and my new case!


    Have you been able to review this in person or is it just and ad?
    The wife has a Pixel 3 on order and is interested in the basic phone case. How does it feel in person and does it look like it will provide much protection on the screen side?

    Dylan Wheeler

    Hey mate, I have the basic case from Bellroy on my 2xl and can confirm it is a top quality product with a very premium look and feel. Well worth it!

    Dylan Wheeler

    Plenty of accidental drops too and no phone damage.


    Thanks, like the case but the wife is prone to dropping her phones. Does yours have a lip that goes past the screen to provide a bit of protection?


    Oh? Sounds like your review is totally different to other major Android sites and Reddit talked about. Overall, the case for Pixel is far away from the quality of equivalent iPhone case they offer.

    Dylan Wheeler

    I’m generally pretty careful with my phone so I had a good experience with it. Their 2xl case the leather didn’t go all the way around the edges of the phone, there was a black plastic ring covering the sides and it didn’t come above the glass panel so for someone prone to dropping their phone regularly it may not be a good choice. That said it looks like the 3xl version has leather all the way around the edges and may be better this year.