There’s a lot of really cool hardware on the market to assist content creators, Vloggers and YouTubers to capture their moments not only in terms of capturing great video, but audio as well. Sennheiser have introduced the Memory Mic which aims to bring great quality audio to your phone based videos through some clever software, storage and hardware syncing capabilities.

The premise is simple, using the Memory Mic app you pair the mic to the device, then record video in the app. The Memory Mic records the audio onboard, capturing sound even when its out of range from the phone which is capturing video. Once the filming is completed, and you’re back in range of the phone, the audio from the Mic is sent back to the phone and synced with the captured video.

The on-board memory can capture up to 4 hours of audio with a 360mAh battery supporting it and the mic connects and communicates outbound via Bluetooth or WLan. While the hardware is being marketed to home users who want to make sure of the sound quality on their videos, there’s a really wide section of market who could take this up.

You can learn more, or even order one for $379 from the Sennheiser Australia website now.

Source: Sennheiser.
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Greg McPherson

It’ll all be much better when Android will let any app use and external wired or Bluetooth mic.

No offence to their video app, but I’d prefer to chose the app.