YouTube is one of the more popular apps on Android, and indeed any device. Now you can experience the latest features before the majority of users by signing up to the official Google YouTube for Android app beta.

The YouTube Beta test App on Android will let you ‘test experimental features of the YouTube app before they’re released’, letting you sneak a peek behind the development curtain.

The features you see in the Beta may or may not make it to the mainstream app release though, with Google advising that they ‘could become available to the public in the future’. It’s with this knowledge that Google is asking users who sign up to not ‘publicise or share the features that you’re testing until they’re publicly launched’.

If this sounds like your kettle of fish, you can sign up for the Beta from the Play Store, or head over to the Beta page sign up page from the Google Support page in the source link – but hurry, because there are only limited spots available.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google.
Via: Android Police.