The Digital Wellbeing app from Google is a good tool to attempt to bring some sort of balance to your digital life, and while previously access has been limited, it’s now officially available to Android One devices on Android 9.

The update has been made to the Google Play Store entry for Digital Wellbeing with the ‘What’s New’ section now reading (emphasis is ours):

To try the new features, you must be a Beta tester and have a Google Pixel or Android One phone with Android 9 Pie.

The updated availability was also noted by HMD Global Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas on his Twitter account, saying that the Digital Wellbeing app is now available for the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6 Plus, with more devices getting Pie soon

Digital Wellbeing was announced at Google I/O earlier this year, offering a way for people to use their phone less by utilising self-imposed time limits on apps, as well as setting a ‘shutdown’ period where the screen would fade to greyscale which is based on a proposal published by Lifehacker by former Design Ethicist at Google and founder of the non-profit Time Well Spent, Tristan Harris.

Digital Wellbeing is pretty great in practice, and expansion to other devices is great, but to really achieve a broad effect it needs to be released to more devices. Here’s hoping Google does that sooner rather than later.

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Joel Croteau

I’ll take “Things that Google is gonna cancel within the next five years for $100,” Alex.


Having spoken to someone I know in the tech industry who has been using it, it’s not until you try it that you begin to understand just how pervasive the digital world has become.
This isn’t someone who is an addict either but, by having time out, he’s been able to improve his sleep patterns while also filtering out many distractions which has allowed him to focus more of his time elsewhere.
I would say, give it a go for a fortnight or so, it just might make a positive difference in your life.


Digital well being ? It sounds a bit contradictory to me ,
why would i buy a thousand + dollar smart phone to use then restrict myself from using it ?
I could understand restricting kids perhaps ?
but I’m old enough to know when i have had enough .
Or am i missing something here ?

michael doidge

If it does help someone , that is a good thing Dan , i`m not really sure that addicts will willingly use it however , but yes by all means give them the opportunity .


Agree. It’s very strange to me too.

I understand Daniel’s comment though. Some people just don’t have the self control so this might help them.