OnePlus had originally planned to announce their next flagship to the world on October 30 in New York and sent invites out nearly two weeks ago. In the past couple of days Apple have also decided to launch their new iPads on October 30 in New York (one hour later than OnePlus). OnePlus have taken the step to help their launch relevant by moving it.

Let’s face it, Apple is a behemoth so when they announced their event for October 30 you can be sure that nearly every single piece of media, paying scant regard to anyone else on that day. On the OnePlus Forums Pete Lau, CEO, spelled out the reason for them moving, although it is fairly obvious. They spoke to their contacts in the press receiving honest feedback which was that if they stuck to October 30 they would be overshadowed by Apple.

Even though community members have already booked flights, accommodation etc to make it to the launch event OnePlus simply had to make the decision to move their event.

Over the course of almost 5 years, we have been proud to witness the rise of one of the most passionate and powerful communities in all of tech. But, we have to remain realistic. We have only just begun our journey and cannot afford to let one of the most important products in our history be affected by another great product launch. So after deep reflection, we have decided to move the OnePlus 6T Launch Event in New York City to October 29.

Pete then went on to apologise to those affected by the date change and said that they “will do everything in our power to make things right”. Those who purchased a ticket to the event will be able to apply for a refund as well as OnePlus covering any costs such as flight changes so that fans can make the event. Every single ticket owner will receive a phone call or email from OnePlus with offers to help them to still make it to the event.

Well done OnePlus on not just being pig headed and keeping the event at the same time but for helping out your fans and community who had already organised to be there on the 30th October at 11am EDT. We can’t wait to see the OnePlus 6T unveiled and see how it stacks up against the other October flagships.

Source: OnePlus.
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Nice to see it looks like the 7 will be global release with 5G. So looking good for a global release early next year.

Heath Robson

I hadn’t ever taken the time to look into the OnePlus devices. I have heard a lot about them and read articles but never considered if I should get one (being a Nexus/pixel fanboy for a while). But seeing how seriously they take the relationship with their customers has really captured my attention. I may just hold a little before getting the new Pixel. Great reporting ausdroid!


suggest buying. They are good. I now even booked accessories for 6T. A skin from Gadgetshieldz website. This protects from scratches on back and adds grip