If you’ve been waiting for JBL’s Smart Display to arrive in Australia, the good news is that it’s nearly here. JBL has now listed the Smart Display on their website for pre-order for $369.95.

It’s a slightly more expensive way to order compared to Harvey Norman who are listing it for $349 on their website. The timing for delivery from both Harvey Norman and JBL Australia is similar with Harvey Norman advising around 1-2 weeks, while JBL are advising stock will be available on November 2nd.

The JBL Smart Display offers an 8″ HD resolution display bracketed by dual front-facing stereo speakers. JBL has also added in IPX4 splash-proofing making the Smart Display one of the better choice for including in your kitchen – just in case.

To check out the rest of the specs, or make a pre-order head over to JBL Australia’s website to check it out.

Source: JBL.
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Simeon Clerke

Just got mine and it’s really great, but I would like to point out to anyone interested in the JBL or Lennovo Smart Screens, it appears they cannot be joined to a speaker group for multi room audio at this time, but Google is working on an update to allow this or work around this by making all chromecast devices able to do multi room audio. JBL customer support: “Google are working on a new software that will make it capable of being part of a Cromecast group” “We don’t have a timeline on when the update will be released… Read more »

Simeon Clerke

It rolled out to me this weekend, working great now.


In reality how often are we to use the camera for video calls. Not that often due to the many different systems so the camera not a big deal.
For the few times the camera would be used it isn’t worth it, we have mobile phones for that.


You may not know many people you’d want to video call But I’m certain that smart screens will increase the number of video calls made, especially when both parties have a smart screen. It’ll be so easy… “Hey Google, call Susan,” and she’ll be on your screen within seconds.


This might just be the best of the current smart screens. It’s splashproof and it has JBL sound. The Lenovo doesn’t have that. But at least both the JBL and Lenovo have cameras for video calling. Google’s own smart screen has no camera, so I can’t consider it.