With Google rolling out Android Wear OS 2.0 we’re begging to see a few new Wear OS devices hit the market. Today it looks like Mobvoi, a relatively new but very loyal supporter of Wear OS, are preparing to launch their next device on Monday 22 October (likely Tuesday Australian time).

The full tease shows just a hint of a smartwatch with two buttons and no digital crown. Beyond that there’s not much to see. Sources tell us to expect Mobvoi to continue iterating on their base platform which will include NFC for Google Pay but most likely stick with the Snapdragon Wear 2100 due to the stability of the platform. We also expect them to continue with, magnetic charging, heart rate sensors, and we’d be very surprised to not see a successor to the Pro model with a second low power display into the future.

We’ve adjusted the image properties to reveal more of the teased device but there’s not much more to see beyond what you can see in the original tease: check it out below.

With an invitation to check them out on social we’ve taken the bait but even their social posts aren’t really giving much away with the tagline seeming to be “#LookUp”. They are also going to run a competition so perhaps this is a good time to start to follow them before the big reveal.

We’ve only got a few days to go before the announcement and with Mobvoi treating Australia as a first place market with fast shipping and reasonable pricing we’re more than a little excited about what might be coming.

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Jon Symes

Err, what? “Mobvoi treating Australia as a first place market with fast shipping and reasonable pricing” I have purchased six items directly from Mobvoi and whilst having no issues with each item’s quality, fast shipping and reasonable pricing, just never occurred. Their customer service leaves much to be desired so, caveat emtor …


Instability is a lame excuse for not using the new Snapdragon 3100 processor. The real reason would be that they want to keep the watch under a certain price point.