If you’re looking to check out a Google Pixel 3 before the Pixel 3 hits the streets on November 1st and live in Sydney, it’s time to head to the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Bondi, with Google announcing they’re partnering with them for the event.

The Sculpture by the Sea exhibition is Australia’s largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition, first held in 1997, at the iconic Bondi Beach. The event runs this year from the 18th of October through to November 4th, with 107 sculptures from 21 countries dotting the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamrama.

This year, the event will feature three elevated lookouts, which will offer attendees the chance to enjoy new perspectives along the walk which have been previously inaccessible, offering the chance to get everybody in for the ultimate group selfie.

As well as checking out the new Pixel 3, you’ll be able to join a free 40 minute photo tour which operates every 15 minutes between 9am-5pm on Saturdays throughout the run of the event. On the tour you can learn more about the exhibits, and get some tips on capturing the perfect selfie, starting near the ‘Pixel 3 lookout’ in Mark Park – and if you have a Pixel or Pixel 2 you can show your phone to get expedited entry.

The Ultimate Selfie will make good use of the Pixel 3’s on-board ultrawide angle lens which captures up to ‘184% more area of the scene than iPhone XS’, which is a lot of area to add to a selfie.

If you’re interested you can head down to Bondi to check it out.

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    Geoff Fieldew

    I’m not going to fly interstate for this but good on them for doing it. I think the wide angle selfie where you can get all your friends in the shot could help swing a few people from other phones to the Pixel 3.