Earlier this year, Google announced that Assistant would allow users a choice of lists and notes service providers – a place to store your shopping lists, notes, and other tidbits. It appears that this is starting to roll out in the US, and though we’ve not seen it here in Australia, we’re told it won’t be far away.

The update comes with the updated Google app (version 8.33 to be precise), which will add a new ‘Lists & Notes’ entry to the Google Assistant Services menu. It promises that Assistant can “keep your notes and lists synced to these service,” with the menu currently featuring Google Keep and a “None” option.

9to5Google appears to have been first with this update, and they have some screenshots from the new menu entries on their page (which you should go view there; we’re not nicking their screenshots!)

This allows users to create and add to a shopping list in Google Keep, but for users who don’t want a cloud-synced service, they can opt for ‘None’ which lets users add to a locally kept list. It’s pretty basic, but it only needs to be.

On the plus side, though, the built-in lists and notes provider allows users to see entries in Google Assistant as an in-line result, without having to open an external app. Users can then add to or change a list, right there in the Assistant result screen.

Once the feature is live, users will be able to use the following third-party apps with Assistant: Any.do, todoist, Bring!, Out of Milk, AnyList, remember the milk, OurGroceries, Picniic, and Todo.

Source: 9to5Google.