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The Pixel 3 series of phones marks the re-introduction of wireless charging to the Google stable. Google have chosen Qi as their preferred wireless charging standard, except that their wireless charging is not standard it seems.

Most people would assume that if a phone has a charging standard it would support full charging by all chargers which support that standard. Unfortunately it seems Google have played a bit on words in their description of their wireless charging.

Android Police has reported that a reader charged their Pixel 3 with a 10W Anker wireless charger but unfortunately this reader found that the phone was only getting 500mA according to the app Ampere, even though it was saying “Charging rapidly”. After contacting Anker he received the statement saying that:

According to our quality engineer…. Pixel sets a limitation for a third-party charging accessories and we are afraid that even our fast wireless charger can only provide 5W

It is true that the Pixel Stand will charge a Pixel 3 at 10W but that is due to a “secure handshake” between the phone and the charger according to Google PR. They also said that third-party chargers will be limited to 5W charging.

Apparently the Pixel 3 supports 10W wireless charging, and supports the Qi Wireless charging standard but not both together. According to ARS Technica Belkin call the charging that the Pixel 3 use “Google’s 10W proprietary wireless charging technology.”

The good news is that this will eventually change with Google undertaking certification processes to allow third party chargers to charge at the maximum 10W. At this stage there is only one that is known of that supports the 10W wireless charging on the Pixel 3 (aside from the Pixel Stand) and the good news is that it is available here in Australia- and we have reviewed it recently: The Belkin BOOST ↑UP Wireless Charging pad .

This is why Belkin can say that this charging pad is “Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad 10W for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL” and is “Made with the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in mind, this wireless charging pad uses Google’s 10W proprietary wireless charging technology. It’s certified for Pixel, so you know that the BOOST ↑UP Wireless Charging pad has been made specifically for your Pixel 3 and meets Google’s high product standards.”

It seems a strange move by Google to limit third party charging on what is meant to be a charging standard but when wireless chargers can be dodgy at time it is possibly saving a lot of over-heating issues. At least Google are looking to bring faster wireless charging to some other chargers but unfortunately that $10 charger you picked up from Aliexpress is unlike to ever support 10W charging.

At this stage if you want the full 10W charging on your Pixel 3 the only option is to use a Pixel Stand or the Belkin Belkin BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging Pad. What do you think of this decision by Google?

Source: Android Police.

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David Anderton
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Pretty ridiculous. Everyday Google is becoming more like Apple

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