Google’s new entry in the ‘Home’ line hit the streets this week, with the Home Hub going on-sale in Australia for $219. The price has already dropped at The Good Guys who are offering 15%10% off.

The sale is with use of the code ‘TVA15’‘SHOP10’ at checkout which when applied knocks of $32.85$21.90 from the price, meaning you pay $186.15$197.10. The Home Hub can be either purchased from The Good Guys using Click and Collect, or you can add a little on top and get it home delivered which worked out to around $8 for me but your mileage may vary.

The Home Hub comes with a 7″ display with an ‘Ambient EQ’ light sensor which adjusts the display to match the surroundings going dark when the lights go down, or if you have a party and want the lights red, purple or whatever it will match the tones. There is of course a speaker inside for music and video playback and it’s a cast target so you can send YouTube or even Stan videos to it – though Netflix is NOT supported.

After a couple of days of use the Home Hub is quite the neat little gadget, I’ve set it up in the bedroom – there’s no camera on-board so that should allay some privacy concerns for some, and there’s also a mute switch to turn off the mic – and so far it’s been great as an alarm clock replacement that can also tell me about my day visually, and show all my great family photos when in ambient mode.

All in all, if you were waiting for a good deal, this is a pretty good one. Head over to The Good Guys website where you can purchase the Home Hub in either Chalk (Grey) or Charcoal (Black) using the code now.

Looks like the TVA15 code has ended, but their 10% off with ‘SHOP10’ is still running to save $21.90, still not a bad deal. We’ve updated the article above to reflect the new pricing.

Via: OzBargain.
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    Nick Ward

    Finished for 10% also

    Joanne Preece

    Can still get 10% with SHOP10

    Duy Nguyen

    Not working the promo code


    Dam, that will teach me for buying on day one! I’m not sure if its just Me but our Hub is set to US English and I can’t seem to change it to Australian English?

    Luke Roberts

    yeah it is odd…. my “home” is set to AUS english… and works fine… EXCEPT when introducing the daily news… then, for some inexplicable reason, it switches to US english when it says ” here is the latest news from ABC ( or Sky News or wherever )..

    so wierd…