While Google has a lot of information about our day to day life, they also give you the option to remove it. The controls for removing your data are not always easy to get to though, but Google is fixing that, announcing they’re introducing easier access to remove your data starting with their most popular product: Search.

The new, easier access to privacy controls are starting with Search, but Google says they’re going to be bringing the easier access to their other Google products including Maps next year.

For Search though you’ll be able to quickly access a lot of things all from search itself. You’ll be able to review and delete your recent Search activity as well as get faster access to privacy controls giving you access to your Ad Settings so you can control which ads you see when you search and let you control what data from Search Google can save.

The new controls seem to be in response to a growing trend with tech companies being pulled up on issues of privacy. Google has a LOT of data on us all, however these new controls appear to also make it a lot easier to clear that data away when you decide you don’t want them to have it – putting the power back in your hands.

Google is rolling this out to the desktop and mobile web from today, and will roll it out to the Google app for iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

Source: Google.