Google Lens is becoming more useful with every feature and usability update, now Google is attempting to make it easier to access as well bringing Lens to Google Image Search results.

The new feature will apply all the intelligence that Google has gained in Lens over the past year into Image Search to let you explore within the image you get when you search. From today, users in the US will see a new ‘Lens’ button as an option under the image in their search results. Tapping that button will call Lens up and start to identify objects in the image that you can tap on to learn more about.

Google is starting with products, as an extension of their Style Search for Lens which was announced at Google I/O earlier this year, which makes it easier to shop for stuff you see and want to buy but will be extending it to Landmarks, animals and plants in the coming months.

Frustratingly we have to add the usual condition that the feature is rolling out in the US and in English only at least for now, though Google has advised they the feature ‘will soon be rolled out to other countries, languages and Google Images locations’, so hopefully we see it here in the not too distant future.

Source: Google.
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Daniel Narbett

I really want Lens to identify actors i.e. when I pause a show on my tablet and point the phone at it. No luck so far (though it could be user error ; ) Maybe this update will help when it gets here!

Daniel Narbett

I think the way it’s done in Amazon Prime Video does it is awesome. But I want Lens to do it more for Netflix shows and downloads of a more…nautical nature 😉

Daniel Narbett

…in other news I hate not being able to edit comments to correct typos