Google Play Music subscriptions are great. For a relatively small fee you can get access to every piece of music Google has. Imagine if you could do the same for apps. Soon, according to rumours, leaks and a smidgen of evidence you may well be able to.

The super sleuthing folks over at XDA Developers have uncovered a few small pieces of evidence that Google will be introducing a paid subscription service for Google Play apps called Play Pass.

Firstly, a developer at XDA Kieron Quinn of MightyQuinApps was hacking his way around the Play Store and noticed a flag called Play Pass that was set to false. When he set it to True nothing happened but after decompiling the code it was found that it was related to a subscription of some sort.

Coincidentally Kieron today received a screenshot from a friend who had received either a very large hint from Google in the form of a Google Opinion Reward. While of course it may mean nothing by itself and could just be Google sending out feelers for possible plans, the fact that it is backed up by code within the Play Store app means it could well be a reality soon.

I for one would love to have an app subscription (and a movie one and a book one) but it remains to be seen if Google do bring it to reality. Keep your ears peeled for any changes in the coming weeks and months.

How much would you pay per month to be able to use any app on the Play Store? How much do you think Google will make it?

Source: XDA Developers.
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I would love this for books.

Colin Jones

A movies and TV subscription add on to music would be a killer!