Part of the reason I’m still playing Pokémon GO over two years later is that it gives me something to do while walking. Now your Google Fit (and Apple Health) data will soon be able to help you hatch eggs and earn candy even without the app open.

The Adventure Sync feature as Niantic are calling it, will import your Google Fit data once you’ve linked your Google account and your trainer profile will be updated with the distance you’ve travelled, even if you don’t have Adventure Pokémon GO open.

You’ll earn rewards and receive push notifications whenever you earn a candy with your Buddy Pokemon, or when you’re about to hatch an egg, as well as receiving rewards for hitting milestones. You’ll also be able to see in your trainer profile how many kilometres you’ve travelled.

I do a lot of my exercising on a cross-trainer at home, and this fitness component has largely been ‘useless’ for Pokémon GO, with this I may be able to hatch eggs and more from the comfort of my own home.

There’s no launch date for Adventure Sync as yet, but stay tuned for Adventure Sync in a future update.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free
Source: Pokemon Go Live.
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    Being on your cross-trainer won’t help you catch more pokemon.

    You still need to actual travel some distance – GPS wise.

    That’s where the fitness trainers like Google Fit will help…but if you’re just using a cross-trainer – your GPS wont show you travelling anywhere.