A couple of weeks ago JBL delayed the delivery of their Android TV powered Link Bar. At the time we reached out to their PR to confirm the reason for the delay and timeline for expected delivery to the Aussie market, and now they’ve responded.

The cause of the delay has been that the demand for the product has been strong across all regions including Australia. The decision was made to delay delivery until Q2 2019 to ensure a consistent and well resourced delivery into the markets with retail availability being stable rather than under-supplied.

The statement from JBL Australia reads:

JBL is extremely excited to be working with Google as a launch partner to this new technology. The Link Bar, as one of the first Android TV Soundbars in market is going to move Soundbars as a whole into innovative and groundbreaking territory for connected audio.

While the delay has disappointed many (myself included) potential buyers, it’s great to see them taking a more structured approach to distribution – ensuring supply chain stability from the release date.