+ Saturday January 25th, 2020

Creating a new document in Google Docs is getting easier, with Google introducing domain based shortcuts for creating a variety of new documents across the Google Docs platform.

The new documents are based on the .new domain, meaning all you need to do is insert the type of document you want to create in front to create it. Documents will be automatically saved to Drive in the account you’re logged in under, or if you’re not logged in (or in incognito mode) you’ll be sent to the Google Account login page to authenticate to your preferred account.

Google has apparently tried to guess all the names you can come up with for creating a document, offering these shortcuts for creating new documents:

  • Google Docs
    • doc.new
    • docs.new
    • document.new
  • Google Form
    • form.new
    • forms.new
  • Google Sheets
    • sheet.new
    • sheets.new
    • spreadsheet.new
  • Web Site
    • site.new
    • sites.new
    • website.new
  • Google Slides
    • slide.new
    • slides.new
    • deck.new
    • presentation.new

    While creating a new document has never been particularly hard, this will shave a few seconds off anyway and you have to love the simplicity of it.

    Source: @GoogleDocs.

    Daniel Tyson  

    Daniel Tyson

    Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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    Daniel Narbett
    Daniel Narbett

    That’s actually kinda cool

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