HTC have had an interesting year — their HTC U12+ was extremely innovative but with a few software bugs at release. Since then a lot of those bugs have been addressed with software updates making the HTC U12+ a compelling device, especially when it is discounted.

Until the first of November, as part of a Halloween celebration, HTC Australia are offering $300 off a HTC U12+. At a usual price of $1,199 it is a tough sell but with the price for the short time at $899 the U12+ becomes a phone worth considering.

The HTC U12+ has all the usual high end specs plus some innovative capacitive buttons, Edge Sense 2 technology and an extremely good looking design — who doesn’t like a translucent phone? Add in a camera quality that is up there with the very best and you have a decent phone.

When we reviewed the U12+ earlier this year it was a great device but came with a few software issues. The issues were mostly ironed out by the time the device was returned and now that HTC are offering $300 off it it is something you should consider if you are looking for a new phone.

For those interested head over to the HTC website to find out more. Unfortunately there is no way to check out one in person so if you are considering purchasing one ask around for those who did buy one for other opinions.

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G z

They should have made it Android One


I own the HTC U12+ in red. If it wasn’t for the non-buttons and no headphone jack, I would love it but I don’t.