Project Crostini, Google’s project which puts working Linux apps in containers on your Chromebook is going to be getting even better soon with USB support lined up for launch soon.

The discovery of USB support for Project Crostini was found, as usual, in the Chrome repository where Issue 899568 for UI for Crostini Usb Support is now in open development. USB support for Project Crostini will allow a number of interesting new features including loading, er, home movies from USB devices using more stable Linux media players and for active development of Android using the Android Studio IDE by connecting a range of devices including phones etc.

The release track for USB support on Linux is apparently on track for v73 in the Stable channel, so if you’re a keen fan of Linux on Chrome OS keep an eye out for that.

Source: Chrome Repository.
Via: About Chromebooks.
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    How would I watch said home movies in lin apps when there is no sound?


    Your home movies have subtitles? hmm… Well, once crostini has sound and video exceleration I’ll be interested in usb. BTW, Qbittorent is working really well under crostini (for downloading home movies.)