The launch of 5G networks in Australia and around the world has many OEMs hopping to ensure they have devices ready for launch, and OPPO is no different, announcing today they’ve completed their first 5G trial.

The trial was for 5G Internet access on a mobile device involving a modified OPPO R15 platform customised with ‘fully integrated 5G components, including a System board, RF, RFFE and antenna’.

Testing their 5G capabilities at this stage using standards compliant hardware lays the foundations for the commercial launch of 5G smartphones by next year says OPPO. Not only are they looking to launch a phone, OPPO are looking to be the first

Like most companies, OPPO are looking at applications for 5G technology, with Virtual and Augmented Reality key applications says Michael Tran, Managing Director at OPPO Australia

5G will be the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, it will transform the way Australians interact with their mobile devices, with faster speeds and more reliable connections. Not only will this enable a better mobile experience but it will also open up a raft of new services, particularly in regards to augmented and virtual reality, that will change the game in terms of mobile technology.

OPPO is looking to be one of the key contributors to the 5G standard, opening the OPPO Research Institute in Shenzhen, China earlier this year to support their research in this area.

There’s no word on which OPPO phone will launch with 5G, or when but if they’re looking to be first, there’s a lot of competition in that arena with OPPO sister company OnePlus also mentioning they would be launching a 5G capable phone next year at their launch last night.