Google introduced their personalised ‘Minis’ stickers for Gboard back in August, but today they’ve announced a new expansion allowing you to create customised emoji-style versions.

The initial Minis sticker implementation used Machine Learning to create two sticker sets: Bold or Sweet, based on a selfie, now Emoji is being added to the mix. Here’s how it works:

After you take a selfie, emoji Minis use Google’s machine learning algorithms, known as neural networks, to suggest a skin tone, hair style and accessories that you can fine tune. Then, you choose a color for your hair, facial hair or different types of head coverings and eyewear. Add freckles or wrinkles—a little or a lot—if you’d like. Design your Minis so they resemble what you look like in your eyes—or in your mind. 🤗

Unfortunately these are still stickers, not actual emoji, but they’re offering a neat alternative next time you want to add something a little personal. You can still access the stickers in anything that uses Gboard, so that allows for a little more cross platform use.

Google says that the new Emoji Minis sticker packs will be available in Gboard on both Android and iOS with the rollout starting today. It’s not shown up here as yet, but hopefully won’t be too far away.

Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google.
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    Jeni Skunk

    Is there a current version of GBoard available _without_ the unwanted bloat of emojis and stickers?

    Jeni Skunk

    Looked up info about Gboard Go on Android Police, and it needs Android 8.1 or later. None of my devices have 8.1 available.

    Michael P

    Received the update.