The Google Pixel phones are well known these days, although there still doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming number of them sold. For those who have been waiting to purchase a Pixel 3 (or Pixel 3 XL) today is the day.

While most carrier stores and others have had the Pixel 3 phones on display for several days you have not been able to purchase them. From today you can purchase one whether from the Google Store, from any of the three main carriers on a contract or from JB Hi-fi or Harvey Norman.

Pricing for the Pixel 3 starts at $1,199 while the Pixel 3 XL cheaper model will set you back $1,349. Both phones are available in (Just) Black, (Clearly) White and (Not) Pink.

Of course we recommend doing your due diligence before making any purchase this sizeable and your due diligence should start with our comprehensive review of both the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL.

If you are interested in at least checking out the new Pixel 3 phones head into a store today and put them through their paces. Let us know in the comments if you have purchased one and what your thoughts on it are.

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No one seems to have 128gb instore stock. Five stores said they didn’t see any come in.

Shaun Daly

Played with both instore – stock Android is lovely and smooth but the design on these things, even the small phone and the way the screen sits its surrounds is so underwhelming, when compared to the competition.


most white 128gb stock has been US device stock. If you haven’t received might take a few days or weeks to fulfil full shipments


Anyone had any trouble receiving calls on Telstra?


Anyone received phone from jbhifi shipping?