Samsung’s mobile camera sensor business, announced last year, has produced some top notch results on phones including this years Galaxy S9 and Note 9, and more recently the Galaxy A9 with quad rear camera sensors, and they’re moving forward with two new sensors.

Samsung has announced the ISOCELL GM1 and ISOCELL GD1 with a massive 32MP and 48MP resolution for the mobile smartphone market. The sensors are high resolution, yet use Tetracell technology, which merges four pixels into a single pixel for increased light sensitivity equivalent to that of a 1.6μm-pixel image sensor, the sensors will actually produce shots at 12Mp and 8Mp resolution respectively.

Samsung says that both sensors include support for electronic image stabilization (EIS) and the GD1 also supports real-time HDR for video recording, which Samsung says will ‘deliver more balanced exposure, richer color and detail when filming selfie-videos or streaming live video content even in low-light, high-contrast environments’.

With most smartphones these days going for dual, triple and sometimes quadruple front or rear camera arrays, these sensors with their smaller size are perfect for the next generation of camera phones. Samsung says that the sensors will begin mass production in Q4 this year, so one or both may be hiding in the Galaxy S10 next year.

Source: Samsung.