The OnePlus 6T was announced just over 24 hours ago but that hasn’t stopped the good news for OnePlus from rolling in. It seems that the phone’s announcement has been well received by the public given that more people lined up to buy one today than did for the iPhone when it went on sale.

With the OnePlus 6T officially on sale from tomorrow (US time) fans have been given a chance to purchase one early from US carrier T-Mobile from their Times Square store in New York. Not only is the phone cheap in relative terms, a customer can trade in an eligible older phone at T-Mobile for a US$300 discount on the phone bringing the base model down to just US$279.

The deal is so good that people flocked to the Times Square store to get their hands on one. A T-mobile employee in fact said that the line of people waiting to buy a phone was longer than the line for the new iPhones. Although it is hardly a direct comparison given that iPhones are available from multiple carriers at multiple stores for each carrier it is good to see so many people wanting to grab a OnePlus 6T just a few days before officially going on sale.

In saying that this is the first time that OnePlus have sold their phone onto a US carrier so they will be very happy indeed with the reception. You can also be sure that it will be good for sales being in a carrier store, especially at the low price it is.

Of course, in my opinion, the next logical step is to sell the phone through a carrier in Australia. Their mode of selling phones outright fits with the Vodafone sales model well and Vodafone’s infrastructure would be helpful for OnePlus’ distribution network and after-sales service in Australia. Of course I wouldn’t complain if any of the other carriers picked it up either.

Hopefully someone at either or both of the above two companies read this and move ahead with this idea. I have no doubt that it could be a very competitive phone here given it’s quality and styling.

What do you think? What if they effectively made it half price by trading in an old phone like T-Mobile is doing?

Source: Business Insider.
Via: Carl Pei Twitter.
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Yeah I would be definitely interested if they were sold here.


Given that their parents company (Oppo) sell mostly outright too in just Office Works (I think) I don’t see why they couldn’t do the same. That said one+ was partly to be a direct competitor to the Xiaomi phones which are mostly just sold online with little to not profit margin. If they can offer a better price that what I saw it listed on Kogan yesterday and with this trade-in deal then I would be very interested.


In the past they had a specific number of devices they produced so have run out early before the next model is available. I hope they have drastically increased production volume for this or they will run out by xmas.


I’d be happy if they just sold it officially in Australia without a carrier.


That is impressive! I’m worried about how their website will hold up when orders go live tonight our time… Fingers crossed

Jamie S

I’d imagine this would be the same as the pixel 3 at Verizon