The OnePlus 6T has finally been announced and although it is not available to purchase widely just yet, and will not be available here in Australia officially, there are still ways you can get one. We have looked through a number of the usual sites and collated them here for you.

To recap, the OnePlus 6T is a refresh of the previous flagship, the OnePlus 6. The hardware is virtually identical aside from two exciting additions — an in-display fingerprint sensor and a teardrop notch. There is a bump in the minimum storage but the rest remains the same. OnePlus have opted to maintain what appears to be the same dual rear camera system which produces adequate pictures, albeit not in the Pixel 3 nor Mate 20 Pro league.

At this stage the phone is available in Mirror Black for the 6GB/128GB version for US$549, US$579 for 8GB/128GB in either Mirror Black or Midnight Black, and just US$629 for the 8GB/256GB Midnight Black version – of course that is for phones purchased directly from OnePlus. Other prices will of course vary. There may be other colour variants coming as OnePlus did make a point of saying there were the colours “available at launch” – but that is pure speculation.

So you want to get one, how do you go about it?

Mail Forwarder

Of course if you want to buy a OnePlus 6T from OnePlus themselves you can. You can employ a shipping forwarder such as ComGateway (our preferred service, but there are many, many more very good ones). If you buy directly from OnePlus, the 6T will set you back $549 for the 6GB/128GB model, $579 for the 8GB/128GB model and $629 for the 8GB/256GB model. You’ll get it shipped to your preferred shipping forwarder and then organise with them to ship it to Australia for an additional cost.

Remember that you will have to pay GST on the purchase when it passes through customs so add that into your costings. For those purchasing from the US website it goes on sale from tomorrow and from the 6th of November in Europe.

Third Party Sellers

Of course messing around with shipping forwarders isn’t for everyone so we’ve checked out the best third-party sellers offering the OnePlus 6T for sale – or pre-order – on their websites.

The prices listed here are in Australian dollars (and are correct at this time), but all don’t include shipping. Places like Gear Best and BangGood will ship to Australia for free or for a tiny fee, but other places may add shipping costs so factor that into your prices. Another factor to look at as well is that some vendors don’t actually have stock yet, but it’s a short wait from what we can see.

Warranty is a factor, with some vendors offering local warranty while some don’t. You should check out the terms and conditions on each vendor’s website before jumping in.

So, without further ado, here’s the list of places – note, some places are still adding their stock and pricing and we’ll keep updating but if you see a place not listed let us know in the comments:

6GB/128GB (Black) 8GB/128GB (Midnight/Mirror Black) 8GB/256GB Black
GearBest $1,234.42 AU$1540.23 + $2.80 shipping $1,846.06
Geekbuying $1,035.97 $1,089.74 $1,220.51
Expansys $1,044.99 $1,089.99 $1,204
Kogan $949 + shipping $999 + Shipping $1,049 + Shipping

There is always the wild, wild west of AliExpress if you’re really feeling brave about your phone purchase and there’s quite a few entries over there to check out.

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    I ordered one last night, getting it here through ShopMate with any luck. Never used the service before.

    Why would there be GST though? Isn’t that only for orders over AU $1,000? Or has it changed in recent months?


    Lol I just read the relevant documentation on ShopMate; fair enough, yep GST 🙂


    GST is on ALL imported goods now not just those over $1k 🙁


    Clove Technology is selling cheaper, I’ll likely order through them. Site is advertising that the phone should be available to buy on the 5th shipping on the 6th

    Jamie S

    At those prices there’s not much difference from buying a Pixel 3 with local warranty. Alternatively you could pick up a OnePlus 6 for around $650 from Oppomart which is what I’m considering doing.


    Yeah, I am not sure why it is costing so much more for us apart from our dollar being terrible.