Speaker maker Sonos has been promising support for Google Assistant since the announcement of their Sonos:One back in October last year, but the support has been delayed again with Sonos announcing a delay until next year.

Currently Sonos offers embedded support for Amazon’s Alexa assistant in a range of their smart speakers including the Sonos:One, as well as Sonos:Beam sound bar that launched earlier this year. We’ve seen delays previously, stating that Google Support would be available this year, but that’s now out of the question.

On the Sonos blog, the company has advised that the support will come at an as yet undetermined date in 2019, with the intent to ‘get the experience right’ before launch, though they did say they are making good progress.

Sonos is offering users the chance to trial Google Assistant on Sonos speakers by joining the private beta, though it entails having to commit to ‘at least 14 hours of listening per week, use 10 voice commands daily, and respond to surveys within 72 hours’.

We can expect an update on Google Assistant support in ‘early 2019’ but for now, enjoy your Alexa support.

Source: Sonos.
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    The google assistant functionality – will it mean cast support for the other Sonos speakers? Play:3 and Play:5

    Deciding whether to wait it out or sell off the Sonos and replace with something I can cast to from my Google home. Currently Play:5 is hooked up to a Chromecast Audio, but no solution for Play:3 or Play:1


    Sell the Sonos. In early 2017, Sonos said the Google Assistant will come “soon”. What’s going on? The fact that the Sonos company has now announced its Google Assistant functionality is not ready means it is going to take a long time yet.