In the course of the revamp of their plans in their T22 overhaul, Telstra has today announced they’re adding new options for their Home and Mobile bundles, letting you add and pay off Foxtel plans, or a range of accessories over the course of your contract.

On the accessories side of things will let you add a range of accessories to your base home or smartphone plan with no upfront fees and then pay them off over 24 months. There are 20 accessories at launch including the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Pixel Buds, DJI Drones and more, but this will grow to more than 30 before Christmas.

For Telstra home internet customers there’s now options to include Premium Foxtel bundles including options for their new 4K live sports and the new Foxtel Cricket channels in your Home small, medium and large Internet Bundles.

Telstra sees the ability to bundle accessories into your monthly plan as a great option for getting your christmas shopping done. Michael Ackland, Acting Group Executive Telstra Consumer & Small Business said that with the new option ‘Customers simply pay the item off over the term of their contract making it a great gifting option’.

We can’t really agree that paying of a Christmas gift over 2 years is a great idea, but for grabbing a more pricey accessory like a new Galaxy Watch it’s not a bad option. To check out what you can do you can see the Telstra Accessories range or talk to a Telstra rep in-store.

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    My partner was excited as she’s wanted an apple watch for some time.

    Went to order one and it won’t accept our address for delivery.

    Contact support and I’m told they can’t help me and that I should ring to place the order.

    I ring and they tell me that telstra doesn’t offer any payment options other than upfront cost.

    GJ Telstra.