Each year Google make it harder and harder for enthusiasts to tinker with their devices with more and more security. A custom recovery is the easiest way to tinker with a device and also recover it should anything go wrong. Unfortunately Google are making that more difficult too and although a custom recovery, TWRP, has arrived for the Pixel 3 phones it is far from perfect.

A custom recovery allows users to easily install custom roms, kernels, tweaks and also to easily root their device thanks to Magisk. Last year the Pixel 2 recoveries were is constant beta format with issues with some things including decryption. With the new Titan M security chip on the Pixel 3 phones it is unknown at this stage exactly how they will affect customisation of the Pixel phones but a working TWRP has been achieved.

As you can see in the TWRP developer’s Tweet above there are issues. MTP (or direct drag and dropping of files onto the phone while in recovery) is not working at this stage. ADB is also not working on the Pixel 3 XL which means that because there is neither MTP or ADB for the Pixel 3 XL the only way to get files onto the phone while in recovery (for example if you have just wiped/reset the phone) is with a USB-C flash drive (or OTG cable and USB-A drive). Obviously ADB can be used to transfer files onto the Pixel 3 though.

Dees_Troy, the lead developer at TeamWin, has stated that he does not own a Pixel 3 XL and is thus unlikely to be able to solve the issue himself at this stage but has put out the call for talented developers who own one and “have some talent with init scripts and fixing ADB” to work on it and submit a patch to the open source TWRP github.

If you are interested in installing this on your Pixel 3 phone or in helping fix any of the existing bugs (MTP and ADB especially) head on over to XDA Developers for more information (Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL).

Are you going to root or use TWRP on your Pixel 3 device? I am. Let me know in the comments below where you stand.

Source: @Dees_Troy.
Via: @Topjohnwu.
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I’d settle for Android having a reliable back up option built in…