The Diablo universe has been an extremely successful franchise across multiple platforms already but until now has yet to make it to mobile devices. Now the team at Blizzard Entertainment have unveiled a new game as part of the Diablo franchise for mobile devices only (Android and iOS) — Diablo Immortal.

Regardless of where your preference lies with character class, you’ll find new abilities for the current list of classes in Diablo Immortal (Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer and Wizard) and can expect to see additional playable classes in the near future following its release.

The transition from mouse-and-keyboard or controller to mobile touchscreen device was designed to feel completely natural, intuitive, and fun in Diablo Immortal. Directional controls make it easy to move heroes around the world, and activating a skill is as easy as holding a thumb down on a skill to aim, then releasing it to unleash hell on your foes. And reinforcements are always only a tap away thanks to the native Blizzard® UI designed specifically for Diablo Immortal, which allows you to chat and form groups with ease in the middle of the most frantic battle.

Existing players will know the adventures you can enjoy playing solo or in groups, potential new players will enjoy the challenge and adventure of the mobile ported MMORPG giant franchise. The release will undoubtedly be higly publicised and if you’re keen to check it out head over to Diablo Immortal to pre-register with your account and make sure you pre-register on the Play Store too.

Will you answer the call?

Source: Diablo Immortal.
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    Running this article without mention of the controversy is a bit shilly.


    The reaction to this is intensely negative. The official Diablo 3 forum is blowing up, Youtube trailers getting bombed with dislikes, the developers getting booed on stage, no one lining up to try the Diablo Immortal demos at BlizzCon.

    Players wanted and expected real Diablo content – be it for Diablo 3, Diablo 2 Remastered or even the rumored Diablo for Netflix. All they got which this turd sandwich of a mobile game.

    It’s an unmitigated disaster no one asked for.


    As much as I’ve enjoyed Diabo 3, from launch, even though I was one of the unfortunate people who picked Barbarian only to be left disappointed in late game, it was an unmitigated disaster itself.

    Reaper of Souls was met with mixed reviews, along with the Rise of the Necromancer DLC.

    I don’t know why people were expecting new Diablo 3 content, or even Diablo 4.


    It also makes a lot of sense for Blizzard to bring Diablo to mobile devices.


    From a business perspective, yes, because mobile games make a ton of money. However, mobile gaming micro-transactions do rub people the wrong way.

    From a gamer’s perspective, this seems like Blizzard are listening more to their shareholders than they are to their fans.


    It was partly because Blizzard hyped it up themselves with a Youtube video “The Future of Diablo” two months ago. “Multiple projects” in the works which suggested new D3 content as well as D4.

    Then they tempered that hype with a blog post saying “good things come to those who wait, but evil things often take longer.” This killed off any chance of Diablo 4 at BlizzCon.

    So, what about the other projects? D2 Remastered perhaps? D3 character DLC maybe? All reasonable to anticipate. None of that happened. All we got was a mobile game no asked for.


    New Diablo announcements are expected every year and every year the same ungreatful dicks jump up and down.

    It doesn’t matter if no one asked for a mobile Diablo game.

    It’s going to make them a ton of money and bring new people to the franchise.


    People are supposed to be grateful even if they are served rubbish?

    There is NOTHING for Diablo on PC.

    One major problem with this mobile game is that it’s made with micro-transactions in mind. Mobile gaming can make a ton of money through MTX. This gives rise to the idea that Blizzard are listening more to the shareholders and less so towards their fans.

    Paul Moss

    I can’t wait!