My Pixel Stand hasn’t yet arrived, when it does though there’s a particularly bug I’ll be watching out for with reports that the Pixel Stand is breaking ambient notifications on the Pixel 3 – but never fear, Google is aware and a fix is coming.

The issue was noted a few days ago by the Android Police team, with their tests showing that docking the Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL in the wireless charger will no longer display ambient notifications once removed. The phone will still notify you with a sound or vibrate, but no actual notification shows up on the display – at least until you reboot the phone, which fixes the issue until you put the phone on the Pixel stand to recharge again.

The good news is that there is a fix, with Google issuing a statement to Android Police saying:

We’ve seen rare instances in which notifications don’t come through when Pixel 3 is docked on Pixel Stand. Restarting the phone can help as a workaround, and we’ll be rolling out a fix for this bug in the future.

This could be the same time line as the memory management fix for the Pixel 3, and we don’t have too many solid details of when that fix is coming beyond ‘coming weeks’. We hope this little bug hasn’t affected you, but if it has, there’s a fix coming soon.

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    I charge my Pixel 3xl on the stand every night, and I receive all on screen notifications.
    The only notifications I have a problem with are Google Pay purchase notifications, same version app and I used to get them without fail on my previous Xperia, nothing since I switched to the Pixel last week.