The Google Pixel Slate has today become available for pre-order in the US on the Google Store, as well as through retailers Best Buy, Amazon and B&H Photo Video.

The Pixel Slate will become available on November 22nd in the US, with orders shipping out then. There are five configurations of the Chrome OS powered slate, beginning with a Celeron powered model and scaling up to a model powered by 16an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

  • Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM, 32GB storage – $599
  • Intel Celeron, 8GB RAM, 64GB storage – $699
  • 8th Gen Intel Core M3, 8GB RAM, 64GB storage – $799
  • 8th Gen Intel COre i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage – $899
  • 8th Gen Intel COre i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB storage – $1,599

You’ll also need to take into account the cost of a keyboard with the Pixel Slate Keyboard priced at $199, as well as a Pixelbook pen for an additional $99.

If you’re looking to import, then you’re limited for choice with Best Buy not delivering to known shipping forwarders, and Amazon not playing nice with Australian shipping from their US store since changes to the GST import laws went into effect. Luckily B&H Photo Video WILL ship to a shipping forwarder such as ComGateway, though you’ll need to remember that you’ll have to pay additional shipping, as well as GST before they ship it here.

If you want to wait, Kogan has the Pixel Slate listed as ‘Coming Soon’ still. Pricing is showing in the app however (Thanks Damian) but as you can see, it’s expensive (Bear in mind there’s a delivery fee on top as well):

  • Celeron, 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD – $999
  • Celeron, 8GB RAM, 64GB SSD – $1149
  • m3, 8GB RAM, 64GB SSD – $1299
  • i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD – $1649
  • i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD – $2599
  • Pixel Slate Keyboard Cover – $299

It’s going to be an expensive import whichever way you look at it and at least Kogan offer a local warranty. Then it’s up to you to weigh up the usability of a Chrome OS tablet, vs something like the Microsoft Surface Go which Scott found quite a good option when he reviewed it.

Source: Google Store.
Via: B&HPhotoVideo.
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Jeni Skunk

Dan, typo on a price conversion.
For the most powerful model, you’ve got: or around $1.37 AUD


As nice as it is no chance. Will stick to my Surface Go thanks.