The concept of folding phones has been circulating for some time and with Samsung officially announcing their device today, and others announcing theirs Google has today announced official Android support in order to get ahead of the curve.

The announcement was made by VP of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke at the 2018 Android Dev Summit. The support in Android will be for two form factors: two-screen devices and one-screen devices, with the aim to provide what Google call ‘screen continuity’, meaning when you start a process such as watching a video with the device folded, then open it up, the experience is seamlessly transitioned between the two screen sizes.

Google has been supporting many different form factors since Android was first introduced back in 2007. We’re not 100% on board with how they’re supporting the notch on devices like the Pixel 3, but we’re hoping they’ll be offering some interesting ideas surrounding the new ‘foldables’ form factor.

Google will be running sessions on how to support Foldables for developers during the Android Dev Summit this week, and we’ll be looking at the new Samsung foldable shortly.

Source: Android Developers Blog.