Almost a year after launching Files Go, an app designed to free up space on your mobile device, Google has today announced a redesign and rebranding of the app, changing it to simply ‘Files by Google’

In just under 12 months Files Go has grown tremendously, serving over 30 million monthly active users around the globe on various devices regardless of how fast or how present their internet connection is.

As part of a design to help the next billion users – which Google says includes users in developing markets as well as those in areas with faster internet connections including 4G, the app will be rebranded as Files by Google, dropping the ‘Go’ tag associated with the lower end Android Go version of the Android operating system built for devices with less than 1GB RAM.

The app will also be getting a new redesign which will ensure that the content of your mobile phone is the focus but, Google says ‘keeping the same functions and playfulness that that users have come to expect and love’, as well as introducing more playful features including ways to ‘celebrate’ removing files by telling users how much space they’ve saved in terms of what the space can now be used for, such as being able to ‘take a few more selfies, or to download a whole movie!’

The app update is now rolling out to users and if you would like to try out Files by Google, you can download it from Google Play store via the link below.

Files by Google
Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Blog.
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It’s first time I hear about files go so I will definitely check it.