Some Huawei Mate 20 Pro customers have taken to Optus’ YesCrowd forum to report green tint on their phone displays. The report following similar reports from overseas. Users have reported a green tint to their displays from certain angles. The issue may be affecting LG-manufactured panels, but as yet, there’s no conclusive evidence either way.

The thread recounts one user’s hope that his Mate 20 Pro was not affected (on 2 November). On 4 November, that same user reported that he was experiencing a green tint. A couple of other users have added their voices, indicating they’ve experienced something similar. Users are expressing concern that “Optus continues to sell [a defective product]”.

First of all, readers brought this issue to Ausdroid’s attention last week. We have followed developments and spoken to Huawei in Australia about what’s happening. At this stage, the company has no official statement on the matter. Rather, Huawei encourages any users affected by this issue (or any other) to follow the established warranty process. That process is simply to return to the retailer and seek assistance to have the issue investigated and addressed. Above all, this allows Huawei to accurately measure the size of the problem, and to respond accordingly.

To our knowledge, there is no “majority” of Huawei Mate 20 Pro handsets demonstrating this issue. Importantly, we have spoken to as many other people with Mate 20 Pro handsets that we could (journalists, early buyers, etc) and none have come back to us with this issue at this stage.

What can you do?

If you have bought a Mate 20 Pro and a green tint issue has affected you, please:

  • Raise the issue with your retailer, and seek a remedy as you would with any other product issue
  • Get in touch with Ausdroid and give us some details we can use – who you are, what you bought, from where, and some images of the issue (if possible).


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Green Screen issue here.


Hey Chris, thank you for your efforts on the green screen issue so far. However I want to bring up another significant issue I’ve been having with the Mate 20 Pro. I’m having issues with less and less apps being allowed to run in the background the longer I leave my phone on. It gets to the point where repeatedly switching between the two most recent apps will see them being restarted every time. I’m not sure if this is because of aggressive battery or memory management but with 6GB of memory this definitely should not be normal. Restarting the… Read more »


contact Huawei three days ago, they still not come back to me yet.

Senthilkumar Balu

I noticed this issue yesterday in my device which i bought from JB hi-fi, brisbane. I took it to the store and they replaced it with the new one, sadly the new one is also having the same issue. I am not sure what to do now.

Senthilkumar Balu

I visited the JB Hi-fi store again today. I was told that huawei has acknowledged the issue and working on a firmware to solve this . Was also told that it was a software issue . JB hi-fi has asked me to wait for some more time and if huawei is not addressing this they are happy to replace with other brand device.


I actually had this issue after 2 days of use, where it got progressively worse by day 4. I purchased mine outright through JB hi-fi and was initially told it would need to go through their warranty process to get assessed and repaired. I thought it was pretty unreasonable for a $1600 to have to be sent off as a warranty claim after 4 days. I brought it in and they could clearly see the defect, they didn’t want to replace my unit because they couldn’t guarantee that their other stock wasn’t affected either since it doesn’t show up right… Read more »


Just went to a JB Hifi as I was very interested in this phone. I asked the sales rep about the green screen issues. His contact at Huawei is saying that this is NORMAL. Also, he said EVERY SINGLE PHONE is affected by this issue and that I should just put up with it. He was actually telling me not to buy the phone because he was sure I would return it! Obviously, the guy doesn’t want to deal with people who know their rights. But more importantly, if every phone is affected and that is Huawei’s stance, then don’t… Read more »


Wow a JB Hi-Fi employee saying every phone is affected. If anyone would know it’s them. That’s crazy.


He’s completely wrong. Not every phone is affected – I’ve seen two and they weren’t affected at all. This isn’t normal and is not affecting the majority of units sold -you underestimate internet complaint volume vs. total purchase numbers.


Huawei themselves told me a high percentage were affected..


I was planning to get the Mate 20 Pro for Christmas, but I have really bad hopes that it will be a faulty one, if the green screen issue isn’t fixed by then. Honestly, I think Huawei and Optus should be in touch so that they can report back stats, replace phones and ultimately, make the service better. Both Huawei and Optus are equally guilty. Optus should at least try and replace/ send the phones back to Huawei, whilst Huawei should really check this issue, and try and take action rather than sit dumb and effortless. What’s the point of… Read more »


Better wait for S10 for the brand new design!


I had a huawei representative for qld call me just now because I got in touch with them on Facebook and he said they have a new device without the green issue that they tested and would replace mine for me. He even went to the store where I bought my first one from and picked it up and sent it off to go get examined to see why the issue keeps happening. They seem to be aware of the issue and are trying to rectify the problem for everyone who has one. I would think by Christmas they wouldn’t… Read more »


It doesnt matter how much you pay for a device , be it $ 50 or $ 1500 , i would expect to have it replaced with a ” new ” handset on the day if it is obviously faulty .
As for buying a handset from optus , been there and done that , i will not buy a phone from a telco again .


I don’t understand how Huawei and Optus can be so ignorant. The issue has been reported many times but nothing is actually been done. Huawei should put out a statement and fix this problem immediately. I am thinking of cancelling the contract and going with the Note 9. This is unacceptable at this level especially for a flagship device.

Naaa mate

What is funnier, that tint or the fact you are paying $1600 for a phone? Flagship for fools more like.


Comments like this doesn’t help at all.


Overall it’s a fantastic phone. Most powerful CPU currently available for Android. Both 3D face and in-display fingerprint scanning. Huge battery life and I’m thinking of selling my SLR, its camera is that good. The fact I love the phone makes this green tint issue and Huawei’s lack of response all the more disappointing. If they had just apologised and supplied carriers with unaffected replacement units, instead of pretending nothing was wrong, I would’ve been a customer for life.


Been battling it out with Optus and Huawei with some of the posters here. With all the frustrations and horrible stories we shared for all these 13 days, I almost think its worth it to have a meet and greet in the pub someday and relive all the nightmares we have faced. I’m never dealing with Huawei again. The worst part is they are still selling the phones even though they are aware of the issue. This brand should be banned in Australia. I am receiving my replacement today, finally. I am not getting my hopes high. Its most likely… Read more »


Huawei having a fault on their phone is not the issue i am concerned about,Chris. New technology will always have these problems. Its the way and attitude they handled us buyers and early adopters and the broken processes they had us do is what frustrates me most. Takata had a process to recall the cars. Apple and samsung have willingly replaced their phones if its faulty in an organised way. What did we get from huawei? That its normal to have a green tint on the edges of the screen so screw us. And what did optus reps say? Duh… Read more »


I agree Optus played a big part in all the frustrations we had but huawei is just as guilty. I reached out to huawei when it seems like i was hitting a brick wall with optus (and i was encouraged by optus staff and supervisor to go directly to them). A rep called from huawei and advised me to return it to them and pointed me out to where i can book their RMA’s. So i did. After sending the device, a decision was finally made by optus to do on the spot replacement. I later on had to keep… Read more »


It should not be about the severity of the problem or how widespread it is Chris , it should be how the problem is handled , and by the sound of it the gentleman is having to jump through hoops for what should be a simple fix .
As for samsung and the battery saga , i think the way samsung handled that was amazing , i dont think even apple could have pulled off such a world wide recall in such a short time .


Yeah Optus have finally come to the party. The main problem now is with their existing stock as those I know that have received warranty replacements are also affected. Apparently there’s going to be new stock being released next month that has better LG panels, so I’m waiting until then.


I have mate 20 pro from Optus, received 1/11, check last Week, i got green tinted issue as well.


I have my mate 20 pro for less than 7 days and I have this same issue.
Yet to hear from Vodafone and Huawei is asking for additional information


Also had the green screen issue, spoke to huawei directly, got it replaced, now second unit is having the same issues, really disappointing 🙁


Did someone just compare a faulty screen to a potentially hazardous battery fault?! Definitely not the same thing – along with a XDA poll of 100 people internationally responding to signify a majority of devices have this fault and hysteria has entered Audsroid 😂 We have no idea of the scale yet regardless of forum posters as we have no idea of bought devices vs faulty or even how many BEO panels vs LG. Mine hasn’t developed the issue but I appreciate that faulty devices are being replaced rather than serviced should I end up needing to. Huawei has knocked… Read more »


So what about the people who have had their warranty replacements also suffer from the same issue? Wouldn’t that mean it is fairly prevalent? The 100 people on XDA poll all used the same phone with the same panel. Like I said, it’s not rock solid evidence but it’s a good indication that it’s a widespread issue. I really don’t understand why people are so hung up on one commentors opinion that it affects the majority. Can we please focus on the actual problem affecting these phones?


Yes we can, and should – i wasn’t doubting there’s an issue and my response was partially in jest, please don’t take that too seriously 🙂

I would be interested in hearing an official statement from Huawei, surely the cost of these returned devices must be stacking up, while a solution seems quite straight forward – scrap the LG units and go with BOE.

Man chu

Chris. Go and buy one Huawei mate 20 pro now and I think you won’t be saying it is not enough evidence. Lol
P.s. mine one bought from optus and today is the 11th date. Have been sent back. Everyone can see my phone is green. Is this my evidence?

Sorry I am just too frustrated on bargain with this problem.


Yep the evidence is right there for anyone to see. I have heard that Huawei typically supplied unaffected handsets with BOE panels to reviewers/journalists, so this may account for Chris not hearing about it from his colleagues. Be interesting to know if this was the case. (For those unaware, you can check panel type using app DevCheck)


LG oled screens in phones have a bad record, they just aren’t capable to consistently make good screens.

Even BOE does it better.


I bought blue Huawei Mate 20 pro from Optus, I have been developing the green tint on the side. The shade of green is increasing slowly. Buying a brand new phone and sending it for assessment and repair is frustrating. I have not sent it yet as I will be without phone. However expecting they will exchange it on the spot like in Finland, as this issue will slowly increase as most of the Huawei Mate 20 pro phone are affected looking at news from other countries. The issue is increasing day by day as the screen gets worse each… Read more »


hi I bought a huawei mate20 pro from optus two weeks ago as well, did the test at home, mine one also has the green tint screen, so I tried and tried from optus online chat, phone call, none of the agree to cancel my contract as I don’t think even I replace it, it can working perfect. last week I went to the store, the store guy called huawei rep in front of me and said I can send the phone to optus boomerang team, after the assessment, if its a manufacturer problem, they can offer me cancellation. The… Read more »


I have the Green Tint issue from an an Optus branded blue Mate 20 Pro. It slowly developed after a few days of use. It’s very annoying as the top half of the phone has a warm reddish hue and the bottom half is a coolish green. Most noticeable in daylight at full brightness for me. Difficult to take a photo of it though. I would not recommend buying this phone due to this common manufacturing error, or contracting with Optus – they haven’t been helpful at all.


If you are having trouble with Optus, try going to a store and ask them to check their Boomerang dashboard for the official communication. According to Optus employee Dan_C from YesCrowd, it states you have the choice of replacing the phone with a new one (if the store has stock) or return the phone and re-contract with a different handset, or return the phone and cancel the contract.


I spoke to chat and went to 2 different stores. They all played dumb and no one was prepared to check Boomerang, I showed them the post from Dan_C which didn’t help either. I ended up getting the sales staff to call the cancellation line in-store today. It’s like they took it personally that I wanted a refund for a faulty product. I didn’t want to risk getting another faulty phone so sked to cancel. I assumed it would be an easy cancellation as I hadn’t activated my sim yet due to the major fault with the screen. Unfortunately, they… Read more »


Yeah I’ve unfortunately heard of a lot of push-back from Optus stores, despite the official memo. Dan_C said if we had any issues to message him, so I would try that first. If still no luck there’s always the TIO…


I too had a green tint issue bought outright from jbhifi went back and got a replacement and the replacement is now having the issue again slightly but seems to get worse over time


Why aren’t Australian news outlets informing the public that majority of Mate 20 Pro in Australia have defective displays?


There are Mate 20 Pro owners that have replaced their phones multiple times and still had the issue. There is a poll on XDA forums of 100+ LG panel Mate 20 Pro users, that shows ~60% affected. But please show me these “facts” of yours that say otherwise.


Apparently the with Pixel2 XL screen issue last year was overblown according to some people reporting on the problem and there wasn’t a problem at all with the screen, maybe the same with the Huawei screens this year.


So if LG OLED panels on Mate 20 Pros are turning bright green and it is not a problem with the display, then why are Huawei Finland calling it a defective display and offering to replace units replaced free of charge? Why are Optus now doing the same?


Mine did it within 10 days. Can’t post a photo here but I have a great pic I can send. Optus single SIM Midnight Blue Mate 20 Pro. Has been taken back by Optus for a cancellation of contract. Too many people reporting 2nd and 3rd replacement phones showing the same issue. I’ll come back when they’ve fixed it.
This issue is being reported globally with plenty of evidence… Whether it is a majority or not is not really relevant is it? Did a majority of Note 7s blow up?

Scott Plowman

Can you email us the photo ?


I have


Yes you’re right, whether it is a majority or not it is still an unacceptable number (although I still believe it is the majority..)


Read the comment above from the person whose replacement unit was also affected, that should give you a fairly good indication that this issue is not 1 in 2000000. Or you can continue to carry on in denial, your choice.


Ryan I understand your and others’ feeling, since I am a victim too (on second handset, same old issue). However I can understand Chris’s approach too.

If you have your photos and your handset is having the issue, it is worth to provide it to Chris and people at Ausdroid. Aside from Dan_C from Optus, this is currently the second semi-direct way for us to pressure and communicate with Huawei Aus as a mass instead of individuals.


To call it the majority in that example though would be to say it is happening to over 1000000 of those 2000000… Is that really realistic that that would make it through quality control without some sort of flag being raised?

I’m sure it might be widespread but to assume it is the majority seems unlikely either way. Not that you or I could actually prove it either way though.


I know of 6 people who’ve had their Mate 20 Pro replaced with another LG panel phone and are still having the same issue. So either those people are really unlucky or the majority of existing stock is affected where their replacements were sourced. It’s that simple.


Then there are the people who have had their phones replaced TWICE and are STILL having the issue. Maybe the Mate 20 Pro curses the owner with exceptionally bad luck. That seems more plausible..


Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus are Apples most sold devices and they have sold 220 000 000 units together. There’s no way the mate 20 pro has sold one device that many times. I know it’s just an example you used but you keep stating that you need facts and then you over exaggerate to try and push your point but complain every one else is over exaggerating. JB hi-fi replaced my device on the spot and second one is doing the same thing. No problem for me I’ll just get another one but that’s 2/2 defective devices. Not… Read more »


…because no-one has ever heard of retailers or their employees refusing to meet obligations, right? It does happen, not everyone is as convinced in their rights to push it. I can only speak for my own experience, which is that *so far* Optus have taken the device back with my request to cancel the contract. Have they finalised it yet – no. Does the unit have a ‘major problem’? yes. I therefore have the right to cancel the contract without penalty, which is what I am trying to do. My contract is with Optus not Huawei so they need to… Read more »


And we really appreciate it. Sorry if I got you on the defensive with my initial comment. The reason I said majority of Mate 20 Pro are affected was based on the fact people have replaced their phones multiple times and still have the same issue, as well as the XDA poll currently showing 58/98 Mate 20 Pro users with LG panels affected. I’m sorry if you find that unreasonable. I know it is not rock solid evidence, but it is evidence nonetheless and I’m trying to get as many people to provide additional evidence as I can. Thank you… Read more »

michael doidge

I believe it was about 200 .