The digital release of the sixth Mission Impossible movie: Fallout, has resulted in Google Play Movies & TV launching a sale on the five previous MI movies.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is priced at $19.99 (SD)/$24.99 (HD), though the five previous Mission Impossible movies have been dropped in price from $11.99 each to just $7.99 each in HD quality. The Mission Impossible movie bundle has been dropped in price as well from the usual $59.99 price to $39.99 – though you’ll save yourself a whole $0.04 by buying the movies separately.

If you’re not into the Mission Impossible franchise then you can also check out all the other Tom Cruise movies available on Google Play, though there’s no discounts on the prices of the other movies in his back catalogue.

If you want to check out the Mission Impossible movies – or the Tom Cruise back catalogue you can head over to Google Play now.

Source: Google Play Movies.