OnePlus seem to have a hit on their hands with the OnePlus 6T with sales apparently booming in all countries where it is sold. At the OnePlus 6T announcement they hinted the the two black variants would eventually not be the only ones available and we saw evidence of this last week when a purple SKU showed up on the Chinese OnePlus site.

Now it looks like OnePlus will be bringing the Thunder Purple to all countries according to their social media accounts overnight. Not only did their main account Tweet out that Thunder Purple was coming but also their Indian, Italian, Spanish and French Twitter account. It has shown up in various systems around the world signalling its existence.

The purple shade is a very soft purple, far from the bright colours we have seen from them in the past but with many looking for colours other than black it could boost sales even more.

Today there is also news that OnePlus will be launching a new 5G phone early next year, and it will not be the OnePlus 7 but an entirely new line of phones. Speaking to CNET in Spain OnePlus revealed these details regarding their first 5G handset. The new line of phones will “complement” their current line.

With OnePlus riding such a big wave of success at the moment it is no surprise to see them expanding not just their current line of phones but also their entire lineup. Now we just need them to expand their current and future lineups into Australia.