With the Pixel phones now supporting wireless charging again, it seems that the Qi standard is getting a lot more attention. The range of chargers available are pretty boring, but this EFM branded Wireless Power Bank with Desktop Stand is one of the neatest we’ve seen so far.

It’s a very simple concept, the heart of the EFM charger is a 5,000mAh Qi certified power bank which slips into a desktop stand letting you charge your phone standing up so you can see what’s going on while at your desk, but then lets you take the power bank with you on the go.

The power bank is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 certified, and offers up to 10 Watt output for fast charge with support on a range of Samsung phones, but unfortunately not the new Pixel phones – though it’s always possible EFM could have them certified for the Made for Google program (we’ve asked if they’re thinking about it). The powerbank comes with a USB-C and USB-A output with the USB-C port capable of supplying 5V/2A while the USB-A port can supply 5V/2.4A

At $129.95 with free express shipping it’s slightly more than the Google Pixel Stand, but offers a little more freedom with a powerbank. The charger receives power using a supplied USB to Micro USB Cable. If you want to check it out you can head over to the EFM website.

Source: MyEFM.